Why I'm Sick of Motivational Quotes

My incredible, big-hearted (and big-armed) husband sounds like a pig getting its back molars removed as he’s lying next to me absolutely unaware, sleeping like an angel, as I type this with fury. I don't care if I wake him, because I know this is important and someone is ready to read this. 

I'm sick of motivational quotes. Listen, my business not only thrives but is based on combinations of letters and words thrown together to create inspirational quotes and phrases.

This post isn't my best marketing move, but it's my truth.

I'm fired up about this right now. So much so that despite it being 1:20 AM as I write this, and that I've been lying in bed for hours now with headphones in, seeping the hertz frequency of 5 into my ears to help put me go to sleep, it isn't working. I’m too fired up.

Motivational quotes have a lifespan of about half a minute. It’s hard to sustain a flash of inspiration. It’s fleeting. That’s why I hate them. It seems that many people aren’t doing much to take that motivation and turn it into something.

Why you still shaking in your boots woman? You were made to do powerful things.

If you follow Mel Robbins, you may have seen one of her many talks and interviews about motivation being bullshit. She’s right. It is.

First, I'm going to layout where my rage is rooted. Then I'm going to share with you the trigger that has me too furiously focused to even remove the earbuds from my lobes. 

Back in the mid-2000's, I went from doing drugs every weekend and some weeknights to going to church twice a week. Long story, so I'll make it short to set the stage. I knew my life of drinking and drugs wasn't going to lead to anything filled with purpose. I didn't know where else to go, so I picked a church that seemed less religious and more ...spiritual? It was the right choice for me at the time. Until it wasn’t.

I must have been going to this church for at least a year if not two. I'd made many friends. I was accepted and truly felt love from a solid handful of people. Like real, need-nothing-from-me kind of love. It was awesome, but yet week after week the pastor would be preaching the same damn message of hope because it was nearly palpable that people weren't getting the message that life could be magical and filled with really good experiences and emotions. 

I looked around and realized that most people had taken little ground and didn't progress much in the years I'd been going to this church. People were still perpetuating the same damn stories of sadness, pain, sorrow, victimization, yadda yadda yadda. I wanted to stand up and yell, "Are we ever going to get anywhere?! Why are we still doing this same song and dance?"

When did we adopt bullshit stories as our identities?

Clearly, church wasn't really my thing anymore. If they weren't willing to move on, then that's their own damn fault.

I was ready to make moves, improve, grow, experience life in a big full way. I knew I needed to spend my precious time and be surrounded by people who took responsibility for their attitude and energy, who weren't excuse-generators. I took away a spiritual practice that I've morphed and aligned for myself, and I learned something valuable: people really like their stories. It's comfortable to stay where you're at, not be challenged or have to confront your own bullshit beliefs.

So, you want to stay stagnant and small? I'm out.

Mmkay, fast forward to 5 minutes ago when the trigger was pulled again. I'm attempting to wind down by scrolling through Instagram (as if that's going to work this time) and due to the algorithm, I came across an account that I followed closely years ago.

It's an insanely driven woman who has amassed a VERY LARGE COMMUNITY of women. She has an incredible physique, much like a thoroughbred. She’s nearly flawless and she’s extremely badass. The picture I’m looking at is incredible, displaying her rawness. She's fierce. She's admirable. Women want to be her.

My eyes scan to her caption and as if no time had passed in the last several years, she's still writing inspirational messages to her followers. The rage began to rise again, with the same question of are we not getting anywhere people?!

Listen, I get it. I'm not a complete idiot, her target market is women who are just starting out on their weight loss journey or learning to navigate a combo of weights and HITT.

My emotions and thoughts at that moment were so confronting and immovable, like an elusive piece of hair on your tongue that you can’t locate despite repeatedly poking your fingers around like a pair of useless hot dog tongs. I couldn’t avoid this frustration that was rising within. I also couldn’t grasp it. I immediately felt like an asshole, because I still seek out motivation on occasion. So, the smarter version of me asked, "Why is this such a big deal and trigger for you?"

The answer was on the heels of my question like my husband is on my heels with a shopping cart:

I strongly believe it’s time for more women to stop focusing on how disempowered they feel and stop looking to external resources for support.

It’s time to start looking for the strength that's lying dormant in the corners of their own spirit.

You're strong.

You already possess the strength to just be confident.

Stop looking to other people for hope.

Stop looking to others for inspiration.

Stop looking. Period.

We've all anteed up for a gnarly game of comparison to peeps' perfect lives punctually portrayed on online platforms. I've seen so many people who have struggled with depression and anxiety trying recreate a perfect life for themselves based on what their idols are doing. It's fucking us all up.

Seriously, stop looking for a multitude of reasons.


We rely too much on the external to motivate and inspire us. We’re missing something valuable, in fact we’re completely overlooking it: It’s your own damn mind and ability to get into an inspired state and stay there.

Learning how to alter your own mindset lasts much longer than motivational quotes.


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