It’s Okay to Get Your Hopes Up, Here’s Why | Season 2 - EP 4

Photo by Nicole Capri Creative

Photo by Nicole Capri Creative

"When you don’t allow your hopes to rise. When you don’t allow yourself to get excited about a possibility. When you don’t allow yourself to imagine life with the thing you want to have. You’re cutting yourself off from good energy and in a very big way."

Let yourself get excited about the future. If an Olympic athlete didn’t get excited about competing against the best, or the possibility of winning, how do you think their training would go? How do you think life would be for them during the training process? They probably wouldn’t do well.

We can’t live life as if shit’s not going to work out. Plus, after all, as mentioned in season one - all about visualization - it’s all about how you feeeeeel. Your feelings lead to you taking inspired action, and the action is what gets results.

Get your hopes up! Get excited, and then get on with life! Take action that you’re inspired to take (I talk about this in an upcoming episode). Train yourself to feel more joy. Whether it’s about a good cup of coffee, an outfit you’re wearing, or a potential job you want to land.

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