Discover and Embrace Your Own Manifesting Magic | Season 2 - EP 3

Discover and Embrace Your Own Manifesting Magic - Sarah Foster Podcast Pinterest 650.png

Are you as self aware as you could be to get access to things sabotaging you? You’ve gotta become self aware to have big break throughs around what’s held you back. You need to be able to look back at who you’ve become and what you’ve achieved, because that’s where the magic lies.

The first step is to build your powerhouse catalog, which is a catalog of things that you’ve done in the past that make you feel excited, alive, and happy. It’s the things you know that work for you in different seasons of your life. To discover yours, you need to be willing to go deeper, but allow yourself to be silly and block out the criticism or what others think is stupid but makes you happy. So, what’s in your powerhouse catalog? 

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