The Law of Attraction’s 3 Steps to Making Sh*t Happen - New Season, Who Dis? | Season 2 - EP 1

the law of attractions three steps to making shit happen by Sarah Foster Pinterest Episode 650.png

New season, who dis? The topic this season is law of attraction, but from a practical standpoint that you can actually use in your own life.

I love this topic, it lights me up. When I'm feeling like shit, just listening to how others have used the law of attraction to change their circumstances has got me so lit up that I've in turn been able to get outta my own way.

I’ve studied the law of attraction for YEARS. And I’ve learned that one of the most important aspects is to take action. Now, I’m being brave, taking action, and finally talking about this fascination with law of attraction that I thought only I had.

Speaking of being brave, it’s March, which is Women’s History Month. We are all about the badass women of our history, but also all about YOU making your own history TODAY. Join us here for our Make History Challenge!

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The podcast has a new schedule! There’ll be a new episode every week on Tuesday AND maybe a couple extra in between. No promises, but that's my plan.

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