Why I Don't Care About Being Perfect | F THAT S - Intro

I tried my damnedest (okay not really) at having my last two podcasts. I failed because I was trying to be perfect.

I was trying to be perfect in so many f*cking areas of my life over the last few years. Meanwhile, I was riding the struggle bus all around town and up n' down the West Coast. All while portraying myself one way online, but swimming laps in my own stress-bucket life.

Yeah, F THAT S.

This episode (the first of many) I share an overview of what's really been going on in my life. It's mostly a confession and me dancing around what I really want to say, but give me some time and you'll soon know all the details and what I've done to rise above the bullsh*t. (I'm warming up to baring all.)

You'll learn what my in-perfect plan for the future of this show is, and the surprising thing I do at times when I need a damn break from my mind and real life.

Oh and one more thing, I ask you to leave a review of the show on iTunes, but I haven't uploaded the show yet. So instead leave a review, comment, or hate mail below for now.

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