F THAT S Podcast | Launching Next Week!

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I've finally embraced a big part of what I've kept to myself and my inner circle for years: my desire to share my own real-life stories (that nearly everyone deals with) and open up about the lessons I've learned (and am still learning) about topics like...

- depression and mental health
- how the stress of keeping secrets turn to fat
- letting go of friendships that are energetically draining
- being overwhelmed and anxious by the highlight reels that saturate social media
- what it's like to face marital separation
- what self-help tools actually work (and which ones are trash)


Listen to the intro...


Never a fan of a victim mentality, I'm ruthless in the pursuit of finding solutions to breakdowns. I share what I've learned and the tools I've used to overcome the weirdness that life is at times, and how to rise above and feel confident about the future.

It's time to crack the heart and soul of difficult situations wide open and have honest conversations. Life ain't so rough when you've got the right crew and people to enjoy the rough ride with. That's what this show is all about. 

Late last year, I powered off my last two podcasts. They weren't me. I was trying to be something I wasn't and create shows that I thought others wanted to hear. 

I sucked at staying consistent because I was giving advice while hiding behind the fact that I'd been struggling in my personal life. I badly wanted to open up about my own process, but couldn't see how and also respect others.

The first episode launches next week. Sign up to get it delivered straight your inbox.

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