I knew when I was writing my list of what I wanted to achieve in 2018, that it was important to not shelf the questions that have been haunting me for a while now. In what way can I serve others and run a successful business, while making a living, that will bring me the most fulfillment in this lifetime?

I don’t want to waste any more time chasing the dollar or follower count, but instead, I wanted to focus on my priorities: fulfillment, joy, and continue to be a positive contribution through my work.

Previous experience proves that money based goals skew my energy and focus. I’m rarely in alignment with numbers. They make me feel uneasy. As of now, I’m setting goals that excite me and that keep my head in the game.

I feel blessed to already have a successful business. Now I want to scale it and reach people who are ready to hear and embody a positive message. Above all else, I personally need to experience deep satisfaction in my work. (A crucial lesson I learned in 2017.)

My 2018 goals needed to be non-ego based, but instead on being of value to others and myself. I wanted everything that I do this year to make me feel creatively alive and happy.

Instead of explaining why this is important to do for you and your business, I’m going to assume you already know the benefits.

If you’re starting out in business, I’m going to save you some pain and heartache and tell you that if you’re like most female entrepreneurs and creating products or services to sell, focus on giving and releasing your best quality products or services. Your long-term focus should NOT be how to grow your Instagram follower count.

If you want to be in the business game for the long haul, you need to get deeply connected to why you’re in business and not lose sight of it.

Ultimately when the chips are down, you’ll want to lean on your purpose – not on “Well, I now have 10k+ followers and my goal is 100k, so I need to keep going.” You will get burnt out chasing numbers and fame. Make good shit. Period.

I’m not an expert. I’m experienced. I’m sharing only what I know. You’re smart enough to pull from my experience and make this shit your own.

Take what you want and edit my list to fit your own business goals. In no particular order, here are my 2018 goals.

My 2018 Goals Sarah Foster Main.png


Goal #1: Hire an in-person assistant to help with bookkeeping and other administrative items.
Benefit: I can focus on what I’m good at – creating.

Goal #2: Take a full week off work and 100% unplug.
Benefit: I’ve become pro at comparing myself to others – this allows for a deep-digital-tissue detox and coming back to the core of who I am.

Goal #3:  Take a 3+ day working vacation with another female entrepreneur and business-brainstorm.
Benefit: My greatest personal growth happens in conversation and being in communion with other like-minded women. I value quality time and conversation. For me, I’m best suited one-on-one with business friends who can talk about business and real life.

Goal #4: Be consistent - release content weekly.
Benefit: Consistency is what sets successful people apart from the rest. When you deliver value regularly, people stick around. I’ve dropped the ball on consistency in many ways the last few years. I was trying to find my footing while seeking further clarity in my businesses.  I’ve been consistent in the past with other things, and I made massive progress when I overcame the inner voice saying, “I don’t feel like doing it”. I’m ready to embrace that quality again.

Goal #5: Have a branded photoshoot that includes promotional images and headshots.
Benefit: When I’m ready to have a photoshoot, it means I’ve found further clarity in my business and increased confidence. Which “deeper clarity” is probably the goal I really should be listing, but whatev.

Goal #6: Hire a part-time freelancer for, uh, something. I’m undecided what to outsource first. (To define this is another goal.) 
Benefit: Again, the same benefit of hiring an assistant, it frees me to focus on what I’m good at and what fulfills me: C R E A T I N G.

Goal #7: Hire out my product photography.
Benefit: The biggest benefit will be less stress, more ease. I LOVE photography, so I will likely outsource this to a photographer I already love. I’ll be taking photos for my blog and the random Insta post.

Goal #8: Update BAD BAD website consistently (monthly).
Benefit: If I plan well in advance, it keeps me excited. I love keeping content and images fresh on my website. If I combine that with my love of being over-prepared and ahead of schedule, I can’t imagine what this will do for my business.

Goal #9: Get into tip-top shape, with a light rebrand and overhaul.
Benefit: The main benefit to this will be a boost in my own confidence. Being able to send women to my site knowing my online-home looks legit AF and will also help them, well, it’s going to be rad. For me and them.

Goal #10: Hire a model/blogger for several shoots.
Benefit: Knowing I have a real, live person to shoot new products on at least 2 to 4 times a year will be ah-mazing. This will help with my other goal of updating the website consistently. Plus, designing shoots and jewelry lights me up. I know my customers and fans like to see new stuff from me, this will light a fire under my ass to get it all done.

Goal #11: Release an online product catalog for spring/summer and/or fall/winter.
Benefit: Having something to create for will be an incredible motivator. Plus, I really like creating and designing catalogs and layouts. I haven’t done this yet, so this’ll be a fun project.

Goal #12: Design more one of a kind, high-end and edgy designs.
Benefit: Getting the shit storm of designs that are tornado-ing in my brain, out into the physical realm will do my body good. Oh, and weight loss too – this always happens when I’m designing and creating from a deep soul level.

Goal #13: Complete my 1st book (finish what I started).
Benefit: I’ve always wanted to write a book. In the early part of 2017, it finally hit me what it would d be about. Several pages have been written, but I want to write more until it’s complete and then publish it either late this year or in 2019. The more I write, the more free I feel. (That’s an important benefit to note.)

Goal #14: Figure out my ideal work day and work week, then work inside of that consistently to get the most and best out of me!
Benefit: Um, this should be obvious – “Get the most and best out of me”.

Goal #15: Release a monthly vlog.
Benefit: Attracting more customers and readers will benefit the business; personally it’s fulfilling another creative outlet for me. I’ve been recording videos for some time now. This year will be the year I finally release more video content to the world.

Goal #16: Love.
Benefit: By loving what I’m doing, making, and those I interact with, I’ll enjoy every minute of business. This is something I’ve been missing for several years now. So above all else, LOVE.


Do you see what I’ve done there? I’ve listed my goals out and added the benefit it’ll provide me. This process and extra step is another example of getting connected to your why. If you make a list of year-long goals, and 2 months later you read them without knowing why you wrote them down in the first place, it’s easy to forgo or give up on them. By writing down the benefit you’ll be getting by accomplishing the goal, you’ll have a stronger connection and motivation to act on them.

My 2018 Goals Sarah Foster Laminate.png

Reading over these goals is overwhelming. However, they all excite me. I laminated them for a more official feel. By achieving several of these goals, it’ll help me reach some of the others that I’ve listed. For example, hiring someone will create more time and momentum. This will lead to me reaching and sustaining a lot of what I want in 2018.

I won’t be setting any “by-when’s” or dates that I want them by; that stresses me out too much. My approach will be to have fun and look for creative ways to make them all happen.

Things I’ve already done to make progress towards these goals:

1.         Cancelled my podcast that I wasn’t consistent with.

2.         Cancelled paid memberships to programs and online software that I wasn’t utilizing.

3.         Created a marketing calendar through May of 2018.

4.         Rearranged and decorated my home office and jewelry studio. (This directly impacts my focus and quality of work.)

5.         Chosen my photographer for products and headshots.

6.         Posted on social media that I’m looking for a model for upcoming shoots. (LINK)

7.         Decluttered and donated old beads and materials that I had acquired since childhood.

I have no doubt 2018 will be incredible. How it’ll play out though, I have no idea.

Write out your own goals along with the benefit you’ll receive if you accomplish that goal. This will help you stay connected to why it’s important to you. You’ll be more likely to follow through.


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What did you find useful about reading my goals for 2018? How did this benefit you and your goal setting? Did you get any ideas? Leave me a comment below!