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Visualize what You Effin Want

I design products and tools to help you get the sh*t you want in life and business.

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Create A Visualization Habit | 5 Part Podcast Series!


To be, do, and have the shit (read: dreams) you want.

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You know you want that dream you've been dreaming about.

Stop stopping yourself from having it.

Those dreams, girl, are yours. So are the excuses that prevent you from having those out-of-this-wolrd (and sometimes out-of-body) experiences that have you stare out the office window while your boss rambles on about the latest TPS report.

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You might need one
(if not both) of the following...


One of the most powerful and life transforming tools is a vision board. With over 10 years of using boards (also known as dream boards and goal boards) and now teaching others how to create their own digital vision boards - that they can access anywhere (even on a phone in the bathroom stall at work!) can generate breakthroughs for any area of life that’s in need of a miraculous shift. But how do you select the right images that will get you the results you want faster? And how do you use a board to actually visualize?! Girl, everyone is different, but the process and formula is the same. Get coaching that you need.

mindset mentoring

You're not a horse being led around a corral, so why are you walking in circles tryna make your dreams happen? Without the right mindset, you'll keep hitting the wall and never break out of the current situation you feel stuck in. With a different mindset you can feel fucking great, be in a state of possibility (not just positivity), and get jacked up on the next-level ideas that flow to you. How the hell do you get there? There are too many mindset tools to count, the key is to finding out which one works best for you, for right now. Let's talk.


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I mentor and teach creative driven babes how to clarify their vision and purpose in life and business so they make money doing what they love, and love the shit outta life.

Don't believe I'm a package deal?

Just ask the babes that I've worked with over the years...



I've hired business coaches before and none of them did for me what you just did. Did you know that you’re an answer to my non-religious prayers?


I don't even know where to start with the talent, skills, and overall awesomeness of Sarah Foster. 

I'm telling you... this girl's a one-stop-shop.  It's like having my own branding, design, and online business expert in my back pocket.

I will be consulting with Sarah for all my future projects!  

Kimberlyn Racoma

Had to redo my vision board because I manifested some big things already! 1) Eating much better! When I thought about it, we are eating a lot better. We also went mostly organic which [my husband] kinda initiated. We mainly shop at Trader Joe’s now and he was like “let’s just shop here from now on”....(Say whaaattt??) 2) My business! Bought all kinds of specimens and I am so excited! It’s coming true! 3) Working from home! I stopped this morning and noticed my vision board and I was like “OMG. I did it!” Thank you for always supporting me! I feel so good; proud, accomplished, but most of all, validated. Love love love!!!


I always turn to Sarah for inspiration, guidance and loving support.  She's creatively guided some of the biggest business decisions I've made this year and I could not be more grateful.  Most importantly, Sarah is one of those rare women who will never, ever give up. She's been blessed with vision and gifts that not only support women but have the potential to change the world.

Ashley Spedale

Sarah is incredible!  She gives the most relevant and honest advice out there while at the same time being supportive.  She’s helped me take my work to the next level and elevate me so I can be more successful at what I already had inside.  Her guidance is amazing. She really gets it.

Kimberlyn Racoma

Sarah has been phenomenal at helping me really get clear on my dreams of returning to operating my own business.  Prior, I had an online business but no clear structure which led to a plateau and no growth. With Sarah’s help, not only was I able to get really clear and focused on what I wanted my business to be, but I was also able to identify the obstacles which were blocking my growth.  

I have not only been able to create structure in my operations, but I’ve also been able to be very defined about my branding, down to the elements used to package my product to ensure that everything is aligned with my messaging and purpose.  

I now feel so much more confident, defined and driven to restart my new brand to share the knowledge, skills and talent that I have to help others

I highly recommend Sarah! Be prepared to get a new BFF out of your mentorship too!

Miranda V.

The best part of this for me was the realization that through changing my mindset I was truly able to improve my situation and manifest the happiness and love I was seeking, and it was already right in front of me. My key ah-ha moment was when I came out on the other side of hurt and anger and realized I still loved my husband. After practicing compassion and focusing on coming from a place of love whenever I was dealing with our divorce proceedings, one night when we were spending time with our boys together I looked at my husband and felt love. I messaged Sarah immediately and told her what happened. Essentially, we concluded that once all the hurt and anger was set aside, the love still remained there and I hadn’t been able to see it because I had spent so long playing an angry/hurt chess game. There is no doubt in my mind that without Sarah’s coaching and assistance in helping me uncover these multiple truths that I would have continued on the path to divorce, driven by my anger and pain.