Mindset Slay: Improve Your Thoughts, NOW.

Below are 8 things you can do to change your mood and how your day is going. IF you actually use them. 

PRO TIP: Don't read this hoping your mood will shift without doing some work yourself. You've got to move your ass and lift a finger.

I promise, it's not much work though. Ok, let's get into it.


You've heard of gratitude journals, but an Accomplishment Journal will get you into a high-vibing state of mind, with effin' velocity.

Here's the concept: at the end of the day, write down what you've accomplished.

Capturing accomplishments throughout the day, will immediately change your mood and mindset.

When you're listing off all the reasons you're a badass, stick to using bullet points.

The few words you write down will be enough to jog your memory of your achievement. 

By taking this action. you're acknowledging your accomplishments, big and small. This creates momentum that generates, even more, momentum. 

By the end of it, you've achieved a ton of little and big tasks/appointments/things, your confidence increases, AND you're able to end the day knowing that despite the work that's been done, you've done enough. That alone is satisfaction.

Rinse & repeat tomorrow.



If you need to unleash some intense emotions, then set a time limit and complain in a journal (not in your accomplishment journal, duh) or to someone you trust who always sees your badass-greatness.

Be sure to preface that you're about to vent, and ask for their support to help you grow and move past this snag. You don't need any partners to jump on your complain-wagon.

Your vocabulary and your inner dialogue creates your world. 

Pay attention to what you're saying, to yourself, and others.

We're like robots just going through the motions due to information the motherboard in our head is feeding us. To override this you need to be an active participant.

You're in full fucking control. So, turn the autopilot switch off and start re-writing the manual. See step 3...

Click image below to save it!


Instead of...

I can't, use “I can” or “I can’t yet.”

Instead of I won't, “I choose not to.”

Here are a few vocabulary change-ups from one of my favorite books that I cracked open back in 2009. This book drastically changed my life: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, PhD.

I created this graphic based of miss Susan's own work. It's for you to use now. Print it out - put it up on your bathroom mirror. (And don't give a fuck about what others will think if you're placing it in a public location for friends and guests to see.)



Get clear on what you want, and create a vision board so you have images that make you feel f*cking fantastic and remind you what BIG game you're really up to.

You can create a vision board (or dream board, whatev) using images of magazine cut outs, or create a digital board using graphics that keep you focused on your goals and desires.

(A mini-vision board course is coming soon! Subscribe to get special offers when the course launches.)


Do something (take action), listen, read, dance to anything that inspires creativity and aliveness in you.

Create a space and environment of relaxation, even if you can only squeeze in 15 minutes. Sometimes this will recharge and re-inspire. Hello mini-vaca!

Do you have a lot of down time? Then take action doing something that stretches you and makes you a bit uncomfortable.

Whatever you believe you need more of, then focus on that.

If you know meditation works for you, then practice it.

If you're one to pray, lean into your higher power and ask for help. "Help me get my mind right."

Lastly, make a list of things that you KNOW inspire you – you’ll have ideas to pull from when you hit a slump, or knock on wood, a shitty-dark-place.


This is a double-whammy of mindset juiciness. See if you can grasp both concepts, smarty-pants. One has to do with murder. Ok, let's roll...

There’s a difference between Deciding versus Choosing.

Let’s take a look at these two words.

-cide: a learned borrowing from Latin meaning “killer,” “act of killing,” used in the formation of compound words: Decide. Homicide. Pesticide.

You can choose or you can decide.

I decided to do laundry tonight. OR I’ve chosen to do laundry tonight.

The words chose, choose, or chosen insinuates power. YOU have the power to choose.

You can also choose what you’re focusing on this week. What the fuck does that mean? Let’s use another example; those are useful IMO. 

This week, choose to focus on the good in every situation. By doing this, your brain will look for ways to find the good, in even the shittiest of scenarios.

This isn’t being a Polly-Anna by the way. Nope, this is actually allowing your best, most present self to show up in see the situation clearly. There's nothing like being a sad-sack to allow your perception of a situation come across as cloudy.

Real life scenario: Last week I chose to focus on health (for myself and others). I drank more water, I had more veggies as snacks, and I exercised longer each night. Killing it right?

At the end of the week, we got news that my father’s cancer returned. (I’m daddy’s girl, so this is not easy to hear.) I was f*cking sad. I felt the pain for a few minutes, then I called my dad. I asked him questions regarding what the doctor said, when he goes in for surgery, and what his plan was. I was also able to share some information I had read just the night before on the importance of alkalization. It was hard not to be supportive, suggest ideas, and love on him because I was focused on health. I already had that filter on - so everything showed up through the lens of health.

The other option would have been to stay in my sadness and pain – and eventually find my way out of it. Which is what I would have done had I not chosen my focus.

SIDE NOTE: Health is not only my weekly focus, it’s a main focus for me in 2017. 

Let’s move on…

Pick a word. Pick a word of the week or month. Of 2017. Pick multiple words.

Clarify your word: What do you want? What do you value? What do you want to feel?

Write it on a sticky note, put it somewhere so effin’ obvious, and move on through life.


When you play big, the small stuff doesn't consume your precious thoughts. 

For example: if your goal is to make more money or get a raise, don’t focus on your paycheck amount that you don’t like or that you think your boss is a jackass.

Instead of focusing on that small level of thinking, create something bigger.

When I worked for my last few employers I played a game called: I'm the CEO of my life. I operated like a CEO, in my personal life and at work. Suddenly my work improved. My communication improved. I spoke with clarity and power. I knew what I wanted and I expressed it. I took ownership of my mistakes, and I acted as if I ran the show. Because I fucking did. I ran MY show.

The results: A raise. Then a better job with a salary increase. Then a better job. Then free stuff from that employer. Then more responsibility. AND WAY MORE CONFIDENCE.

When you choose to play a bigger game, the small things become easier to deal with.

What bigger game are you going to play? Leave it in the comments below, and then lets be friends.


Taking action instead of over analyzing, worrying, asking "what ifs" is a sh*t-bag of energy suck.

When you go at something knowing full well it might not turn out as planned - and you allow yourself to be ok with it - this level of attitude and momentum will change.your.life.

Most of the time our mindset is in the tanks when we're experiencing emotions like fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, ...and well, you get it. 

If you come at life and the situations that paralyze you, it's because you have a pre-determined outcome set in your mind. Life is an adventure, live it like one. You don't actually know how things are going to turn out - go with it. Do something different.

QUICK TIP: When you’re not sure whether you should act on something, do the light versus heavy test: Pretend you’ve completed the thing that you are fearing.  Does it make you feel light, or do you get a heavy sensation? If you feel light – go for it!

Then don't overthink this shit, just fucking do it

I’m committed to keeping the value I provide to my readers and fans, simple, raw and helpful. I design that way too. What we think about, we become. Replace your desire to improve your life with a simple, raw, and helpful reminder to keep you inspired and in an epic state of mind.

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