Full Moon Ritual for the Non-Spiritual

The next full moon (August 7th) is apparently carrying some intensity.

Listen, sister, whether you’re someone who believes in the magical mystifying energies of the moon or not, one can’t deny the fact (because science) that the moon has an effect on our planet.

If you’re not all woo-woo and mystical you can still use the cycles of the sphere of silver in the sky to improve your life.

Many women I’ve spoken to have already experienced a lot of life changing events. Personally, my theme lately has been transition. Life transition. Newness. Away from the old shitty way of doing things, to make way for a fresh, more improved me.

Terms I’ve seen used to describe this particular full moon (termed “Red Moon”) are life altering, a wild card, metamorphic, and significant big life developments.

Shit’s gettin’ cray.

A full moon is known to be intense. Throw in the eclipse as it’s dance partner and this all-skate in the sky turns into a shake-down. Our minds and hearts are being ushered into a new level of personal development. Hold the fuck on to something.

If the moon effects a massive part of our planet the ocean (that takes up 71% of the earth’s surface) why wouldn’t it have any effect on us? It does.

We may not always recognize its pull, but it’s there, and you can see it at shores edge.

It blows my mind that something 238,900 miles from us has an impact on the molecules on our planet. Molecules that are made up of energy (all of them are) and we are made up of molecules.

The water is energy. Food is energy. We’re energy. Er’thing: energy.

I don’t consider myself to be a psychic, witch or wizard (though I do give pretty good, no b.s. advice). I do use the moon phases as a check point. Both for personal and business purposes. It’s my way of reflecting on where I’m at now, how far I’ve come, and what I desire for the future.

The moon phases are the perfect amount of time for me to check in with myself.



The full moon is perfect for letting go of the dross and negativity.

On notebook paper, I write down pains, frustrations, fears, and any other negative crap I want to let go and release. Then burn that shit.


The new moon is a great time to create the future.

I write down what I want to achieve between now and the next new moon. Then burn that shit too.


That’s all it is. I don’t chant, draw blood, dance outside under the moon or get naked. (Though I wouldn’t mind dancing naked at night somewhere but I don’t need a certain moon phase to make that happen. All I need is two bottles of wine and a non-lit empty beach to turn that into a reality.)

The act of writing and acknowledging what is energy sucking and what is life-giving is a powerful act.

Using the different moon phases gives me a reason to hyper focus on one or the other and only once a month, instead of all the effin’ time.


If you want to try it out this month and would dig a starting place to reference, I’ve created a checklist for you.

I’d suggest writing your answers or your version of things on a separate piece of paper.

If you don’t have a safe space to burn your answers, just tear your paper up when you’re done writing and throw it in the trash.


I’m committed to keeping the value I provide to my readers and fans, simple, raw and helpful. I design that way too. What we think about, we become. Replace your desire to improve your life with a simple, raw, and helpful reminder to keep you inspired and in an epic state of mind.

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