How to Handle (Stressful) Change

So, you want to know how to best handle stressful change?

The answer came to me last night.

It’s simple. I’ll give you the cliff notes version:

Practice gentleness.

With yourself, with others, but especially with yourself.

Practicing gentleness gets you present, slows you down, and creates a sense of ease.

That’s it. Gentleness. A word that embodies love, nurture, grace, softness, ease, tenderness, and patience.

When change is going down, we often struggle - scratching and clawing - in attempt to keep our wits about us.  

If we’re not ebbing and flowing with the chaos of our current involuntary life-modifications, it’s not uncommon for us to self-criticize.

Why can’t I get anything right?

I can do better.

Get your shit together!

The opposite of such harsh treatment is, you guessed it, gentleness.


Imagine sitting on a beach with the most nurturing person you know. Your head is laying in their lap as your hair is gently played with. No one is around you. The air is the perfect mix of cool and sunny. A gentle breeze blows through the palm trees as they gently sway. The waves inviting you to let go of the stress and toss them their way – with the promise to take your cares gently out to sea.


Okay, perhaps my all-too-graphic vision is my ideal place of gentleness. I invite you to imagine your own sanctuary of that same tenderness.

Visualization is a powerful tool in tough times. I’ll be writing and teaching more about it in the future.

For now, I’m sharing with you the inspiration behind my mini-collection, Sea of Change.

Moving back to San Diego this summer, I thought life would feel more at ease. It turns out, I would have the opposite experience initially.

Living near the ocean again, with no storm in sight, I battened down my own hatches. After only a couple weeks, I couldn't ignore the desire to be in solitude to collect my thoughts and myself. I canceled plans with friends. I went inside for some personal reflection. I realigned with the still small voice within.

During my storm-less escape, I slowly put the design studio together, pulled out old stones and beads. There I was again, drawn to the same colored stones I loved when I first began designing semi-precious stone jewelry in San Diego, in 2011.

It turns out, I was feeling blue in more ways than one. (Which you may have noticed on BAD BAD's Instagram feed.)

Blues. All the hues of blue.

Inspired by the ocean, the Sea-of-Change Collection is my way of commemorating the summer of '17 and what lies ahead (thank gawd).

Turquoise, Amazonite, and Mother of Pearl

The stones that I chose - or rather they chose me - have some energetic goodness for transition, creativity, truth-telling, peace, connection with God, abundance, flow, protection, joy, and honest creative expression.


Since I locally hand selected the stones for this collection – there’s a limited supply. The collection will only be available for a short period of time.



In true BAD BAD form, you can customize your necklace with a single uppercase or monogram letter (font pictured below) or opt for the arrowhead symbolizing forward motion and focus.

If this was a summer to remember with a much-anticipated change coming, this collection is for you.

Access to Sea-of-Change Collection is sold out and no longer available.


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