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Hi! I'm Sarah Foster.

Chief Foul Mouth of BAD BAD Jewelry

My story is that I got sick and tired of working for other people, so I quit my job as an executive assistant back in 2014 to focus on my handmade jewelry business.

I finally made my childhood dream come true and began using my creative DIY skillz combined with my love of writing and self-help, to do work that had meaning, purpose, and made a difference for others. 

To this day I am still designing jewelry to keep women around our globe motivated and working towards their goals. I also teach women how to use the power of visualization paired with a vision board, plus other tools that have worked for me. All to help you shift your mindset, be more positive, and ultimately manifest your dreams and deepest desires.

After all, yolo is a legit phrase. I say that because I know what it’s like to overcome the darkest depression that any one can overcome. If I can come back from multiple suicide attempts in my mid-teens to now running a jewelry business that’s having a positive impact on thousands and thousands of women in over 19 countries, I know that I can help you find your own inner power too.

Oh, and since I'm a stubborn as hell DIY'er I've built my own online business doing everything from product photography, copywriting, graphics, and website builds. To work with me on either mindset or to up-level your own business go here.


My story:


Graduated high school (barely)

Got a job at a local ski and snowboard shop

Went to community college for one semester

2001 -  Brought "KareBear" home


Was in a car accident and had a near-death experience that woke me up to the fragility and magic of life. I was determined to live with purpose starting at this point.


I quit working at the ski and snowboard shop after a breakup. I worked random jobs after that. I was a waitress, a tanning salon attendant, an office janitor on the weekends, a barista, and warehouse employee shipping bottled wine from a massive wine warehouse in Washington State. In the midst of all that, I even started a dog walking business. (It lasted 2 weeks.)


Started working for In 3 weeks, I learned what confidence was (a mindset). Got promoted several times within a few months, landed a position responding to emails on behalf of Jeff Bezos for a very short period of time.


Attempted online college. Quit. Didn't know what I wanted to do and wasn't willing to waste my time.

KareBear had puppies.

Moved to Costa Rica for a couple months working for training new hires how to communicate with customers and simultatenosly use the computer programs.


Trip to San Diego to visit  my brothers. Returned home sick, but excited about my future. A day after I returned I came up with the idea of starting a global photography fashion business called Nomadic Fashion. Decided to move to San Diego by August 1st that year. Kept it a secret from everyone for 3 months. It was during this time I started to use a vision board. I studied quantumn physics all that summer.

Found a job in downtown San Diego within a month after everyone told me there were no jobs available after the market crash of 2009. I knew I could do it and was stoked to prove everyone wrong.


Started my first jewelry company after a bathtub aha moment. I named it Nomadic Fashion. Sold my products at Hard Rock Hotel, Stingaree, The Omni, as well as a Pacific Beach surf shop near the boardwalk.


Quit my executive assistant job in corporate America, and immediately took a trip to Hawaii. Made jewelry on the North Shore with my friend Vanessa, where I found and fall in love with the stone Amazonite in a local bead shop.

April - Bought a set of hand stamping letters & started BAD BAD Jewelry

May - Started dating my husband (totally distracted from my career and quickly fell in love)

June - Returned to a 9 to 5 j.o.b.

Had work featured and sold on NastyGal.


Really started lifting weights and BAD BAD Jewelry really started to take off.

Quit my last 9 to 5 job. 

Began teaching and branding other online enterpreneurs.

Moved back to Washington State and got engaged.


Was personally invited to design a necklace to be released with the New York Times bestselling book '#GIRLBOSS' by Sophia Amoruso.

Started a side business branding female entrepreneurs and building websites in less than a week.

Began coaching other women on mindset and business (even though I was afraid to call myself a coach.)

Got married!

Was featured on BuzzFeed and had my first $10k month in revenue.


Was featured again on BuzzFeed. Had another boom in sales.

Started to experience 'branding only burnout' from my clients not following through with their business and website.


Commissioned work for Danielle LaPorte, Gabrielle Bernstein, and many more online biz peeps.

Continued to coach and mentor other online entrepreneurs. 

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Still grinding.
Still coaching.
Still building websites
...and slinging my jewelry.